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Farmers Markets are so much fun, I just love them, they make me smile the entire time I am there. From the passionate vendors, to the farmers, musicians and all the people immersed in this weekly community I find one of my happy places. As you can imagine I adore the passion that people bring to their farmers market stands. Its also a wonderful source of inspiration for an aspiring culinary artist.While visiting each booth I love to see all the seasonal fruits and veggies. Often there are samples and here where I live in San Diego there are so many varieties of avocados.

On a side note I had the best navel orange of my life in a stunning town called Ojai where there are orchards of orange trees cascading across their beautiful valley. It feels like you’re in southern France when you step into Ojais orchards that are surrounded by the Los Padres national forests mountains. It’s a place that makes me feel like I am standing in the middle of a painting. It’s a little slice of heaven that I often visit to escape the busy city and stroll through their bountiful orchards and quaint, quirky shops. I plan to visit their farmers market just as soon as I can.

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This week I went to the Sunday farmers market in Encinitas,CA near where I live. This one is filled with farm stands, food vendors and other interesting stands. First thing I do is survey all the farmers market stands to see what they have, whats in season, and who has the best looking fruits and veggies. I love the creativity to buy what looks good and figure out what to make with it when I get home. Also let me show you what $20 got me from this particular farmers market.


Let me list them for you, grapefruit (in season and sweet), celery, beets, zucchini, summer squash, sun ripe tomatoes, and kale. To me this is a lot for $20 and its all perfectly ripe straight from the farms in my community. I highly recommend seeking out the farmers market available in your community. The farm to table movement is one I implement as much as possible in my own home. I love supporting all my local farms and I hope you will do the same!

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