Golden Milk Latte

A golden milk latte is my go-to warm beverage and is a beautiful way to start your morning or enjoy in the evening after dinner. Golden milk lattes have healing ingredients including turmeric; a natural anti-inflammatory root, ginger; aids in digestion & also has ant-inflammatory properties, cinnamon; anti-inflammatory, pain reducing, and blood sugar balancing and lastly raw local honey which is also an anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and helps alleviate allergies. Each one of these ingredients has far more health benefits than listed. I will be featuring each one separately in future posts so we can learn in depth about all the healing properties. Health is so interesting and I am glad to have all of you on the journey of learning how to heal our bodies by something as simple as what we choose to put in them.

What led me to discovering this healing beverage are my personal health goals. In my early thirties I began experiencing digestive issues and in my mid thirties I started experiencing inflammation. The inflammation was mainly in my hands in the form of carpal tunnel. I am genetically predisposed to arthritis and carpal tunnel.  Healing my digestive and inflammation issues became my life goal. At that point I began my research into all the healing superfoods, roots, spices, and supplements that I could incorporate into my diet.

I love that golden milk lattes have so many healing health benefits packed into a delicious, soothing, warm mug of tea. Golden milk lattes have become a staple in my daily life. I like to take a moment to myself, sit somewhere quiet with a book or journal and with each sip, be mindful of how it’s healing my body. I hope you find a ritual that you enjoy while drinking your golden milk latte. I encourage your to take a moment to be grateful, for you have chosen to heal your body by drinking a delicious golden milk latte.

Sending love always,

Ginger & Greens



1. Pour rice milk into saucepan (any milk you enjoy will do)

2. Add all other ingredients

3. Heat until warm and whisk

4. Pour in your favorite mug & enjoy!

Another way I make it is with Trader Joes organic ginger turmeric tea! If you shop at trader joes I highly recommend it.

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